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Canvassing freedom

Canvassing freedom
Encouraged by an understanding father, Dutt's years of study and initial work as a commercial artist formed a solid bed-rock for a future of hard work, struggles, recognition and rewards. With his new exhibition Art Sutra he tries to capture life itself on canvas.  Explaing the theme of his works artist says 'art is about freedom. Captivity is inimical to creativity, shrivelling the seed even before it can germinate. Limits and boundaries suffocate and snuff the life out of free expression. And thus Art Sutra was born, a progeny of freedom.' The artist feels, it's about unshackling art from the limits and boundaries imposed by surface, medium, technique or even dimension. Lines, forms and colours adding as much soul and spirit to the flat canvas as they do to the contours of a three-dimensional object. It is about making art independent of the vehicle of expression and allowing it to dwell in the creativity of creation itself.

Amit Dutt innately realizes the relation of the visible art to the external world, the sheer necessity of harmony in form and tone and the inborn human desire to connect beauty with truth. His work imbues all this and something more, a wholesomeness that remains intangible in magnitude but all pervading in perception and influence.

WHEN: 18 to 24 November
WHERE: Rabindra Bhawan Gallery no 1 and 2, Mandi House
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