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Can’t concentrate?

Can’t concentrate?
Whenever I sit to study, I lack concentration. How I do improve it?
Gautam Dharma, New Delhi

To improve concentration, these are few tips that you can follow.
a. Develop a routine and stick to it. Make a timetable. Do set aside time to worry or think about other things. Set a ‘me time’ everyday.
b. Do the least pleasant tasks first. Plan the not the good on priority.
c. Set reminders for everything that you might forget.
d. Find the right place to study or work and have everything you need to study beforehand.
e. Have a snack nearby. Try and eat healthy and nutritious food as much as possible.
f. Make sure your cell phone and other electronic devices are turned off. Avoid     anything and everything that causes distraction.
g. Visualise with paper: Write down your study goals.
h. Reward yourself with small happiness (TV breaks/ pizza) each time you are able to achieve what you plan. 
i. Get enough sleep, never deprive this basic need.

I regularly follow your column. What according to you is the most important ingredient for a happy relationship? How to avoid an argument?
Lakhshmi, Patna

To me, the most important ingredient is respect for each other. Only when that is there, we are prepared to compromise. Often the way to reach a win-win solution in every relationship is for both partners to give some ground. It is mandatory for one to know what the partner wants to achieve – don’t take it for granted that you already know. Then tell him what it is you are hoping for, and explore different possibilities together until you reach a solution that both are happy with. This will help avoid unnecessary confrontations and argument.

I’m 26 year old male from Bengal. I want to be a star and be famous. Can you help me?
Dev, West Bengal

What kind of a star? Famous people get where they are only because of their strengths and ability to overcome any obstacle. It is important to self estimate and understand in which area you want to shine as a star? Always choose the field keeping in view your strengths and interests. Idolising is the best way to identify action points. So choose a successful person in the area of your interest, study the person to chalk out the action points adopted and try to follow them meticulously. Dreams act as a catalyst but your passion towards it will help you achieve it. Nothing is impossible yet be realistic in your approach. 

Is proposing always a man’s job? 
Leela T, Noida

Many women still wonder if it is right to propose a guy. It is the 21st century and we believe in men woman equality, isn’t it? Tradition believes that it is a man who first asks out a woman for a date but now the scenario is changing. It is cool for a girl to propose a guy. Just consider some important things before you pour out your heart to someone. 

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