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Cameron warns EU of leaving the bloc, toughens stand on migration

Cameron warns EU of leaving the bloc, toughens stand on migration
Noting that?lower EU migration would be a priority in future negotiations on the UK’s membership, Cameron said he?would “rule nothing out” if he did not get the changes he wanted.Under his plans, migrants will have to wait four years for certain benefits.

In a long-awaited speech in a factory in the West Midlands,?Cameron said he was confident he could change the basis of EU migration into the UK and therefore campaign for the UK to stay in the EU in a future referendum planned for 2017.

But he warned that if the UK’s demands fall on “deaf ears” he will “rule nothing out” - the strongest hint to date he could countenance the UK leaving the EU.

In his speech Cameron announced plans to make EU workers wait four years to receive income tax credits and access social housing, and vowed to stop migrants claiming benefits for children.He said the migrants should have a job before arriving and could be deported if they do not find work after six months.

The right of migrants to bring family members into the UK will be restricted. EU job seekers claiming Universal Credit will be stopped. The convicted criminals will be deported soon, he added.

Longer re-entry bans for beggars and fraudsters will be removed from the UK. The citizens will be stopped from new countries joining the EU from working in the UK until “their economies have “converged more closely” with existing members, the PM said.



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