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Calm and chaos

Calm and chaos
Payal Kapoor, Director Arushi Arts Presents Uninterrupted Tales, by artist Roy Thomas A collateral event preview for India Art Fair.

Happiness and misery it go hand by hand in  life and it is well depicted in the exhibiiton  Uninterrupted tales by Artiste Roy Thomas. The paintings will take you to the another level of self search. The painting depicts the various moods a person goes through every day. The session of self questioning starts with the painting and delves into the relationship of happiness and misery.

These all are oil painting. Paintings will be displayed at The Gallery on MG Mall, MG Road, Arushi Arts on January 19.

In one painting one can see that a new born baby is sleeping on the broken glass. In a scene that looks out of a big fight and violence scene the baby is sleeping carefree. The woman behind is  devastated due to the recent violent act at the place but baby is just unaware.

Another painting shows a new born baby sleeping between two tigers . Normally where the tiger should attack the baby, it is protecting the baby against all odds of life but the baby is still sleeping in calm unbothered about worldy problems. All of Roy Thomas’s paintings depict the phases of a human being.

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