Calcutta varsity organises seminar on Biology

A seminar entitled Frontiers in Transitional and Regenerative Biology held in the city focusing on the need to bring international and national level scientists, academicians, scholars, teachers and students together on a common platform to share scientific thinking.

The seminar was organised by the Immunology and Regenerative Medicine Research unit of the department of Zoology of Calcutta University. Funded by the council of Scientific and Industrial Research the daylong seminar was attended by well known scholars, scientists and teachers from across the country.

Ena Roy Banerjee, convener of the seminar, said that the 21st century was the time of Biology. It is up to the biologists to integrate various disciplines including material sciences, physical sciences and earth sciences and reach out  to encompass even  the non – science discipline of the humanities and the arts.  Regenerative Biology seeks to heal from inside and repair, replace and regrow are the triple mantras. 

Transitional  outs come research in 21st century  which dedicated to Biology aims to generate knowledge capital,  manpower capacity  through capacity building  in technology  and cash capital through patented  process, or products or services. “Bench to bedside and bedside to bench is the core philosophy of transitional biology,” Roy Banerjee said. 

The panel of speakers included Andrew Burd, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine, DeepaBhartiya, NIRRH, Mumbai. Gobardhan Das, JNU. 

Gaurishankar Sa, Bose Institute , Srini Kaveri, university of Paris and Sujata Law, Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. 
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