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Cairn India Rajasthan block gives Rs 35,000 cr to Govt in over 4 years

Mangala along with Bhagyam and Aishwariya, produces around 1,84,000 boepd. The Rajasthan block is instrumental to country’s energy security. Crude oil production from the block has helped in gross cumulative import bill reduction by INR 119,000 crores ($22 billion) till end of last fiscal year.

For a nation that imports about 80 per cent of its total oil requirements, the output from the Rajasthan fields play a significant role in India’s energy security. Today, it accounts for close to 25 per cent of the country’s domestic crude production. Apart from the massive contribution to the national exchequer, the discovery of Mangala has brought in a transformation in the socio-economic landscape of the region as well.

Cairn India has left no stone unturned to help and make lives of local population near Barmer, Rajasthan better. It’s presence has had direct and indirect economic impacts on them. Land-owners, who used to be dependent on sporadic rainfall to sow and harvest the bajra crop, have seen their fortunes rise by selling their land to Cairn. Driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the local community, the service economy has been booming. Barmer, that used to have a couple hotels in 2003, now boasts of 18 hotels. The increase in personal incomes of those who sold land to Cairn as well as those who contract to the company has resulted in other businesses setting up shop in the area to market aspirational products and services.

Raviban Bhatti, 30, earlier used to earn a few thousand rupees a month, barely enough to support his two young daughters. Today, Bhatti runs two mobile phone repair shops and works as a trainer at the Enterprise Centre for 45,000 rupees a month.

'Apart from goat-keeping and handicrafts, we had nothing. We had to go to Gujarat for work before, but now local businesses can employ us. I've gone from eking out a livelihood to having disposable income,' Bhatti proudly says.

The economic development is also bringing along a social transformation. ''In my village, we have not had a girl child born in many years but this will change as people see the economy growing and opportunities coming for girls to earn a living,' he says. Tan Singh, 51, started off as a road-roller driver. Today, he owns hotels, and showrooms and complexes in various cities. 'I owe my
success to oil and lignite,' he says. 'I got a contract from Cairn in 2002 and then never looked back. Today my annual turnover is Rs. 1 billion.'

Cairn India focuses on the areas of health, livelihood/income enhancement, education and Infrastructure in the community development initiatives in the region.

Through its inclusive growth approach, Cairn India has been able to benefit approximately 500,000 community members through various community-development initiatives. Cairn continued focus on operational excellence with high standards of health, safety and environment (HSE) practices has earned many HSE felicitations.
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