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We don't share user data with third-parties or govt: Paytm

New Delhi: Digital payments company Paytm on Saturday said it does not share data of its users with any third-party or government.
"We never share your (user) data with anyone: any company/ any government or any country. At Paytm, your data is yours. Not ours, or of a third party, or of the government," Paytm said in a blogpsot. It added that its policy allows only legally-compliant data requests from the law of the land to get access to data for necessary investigations.
It referred to a video going around on social media and said the video falsely claims that Paytm shared some data with third parties.
Paytm said that in the past, it has neither received requests nor shared any data without a legally-compliant request from a bonafide agency and through proper process and channels. "You can be sure that no data is shared with anyone whom you would not have given us permission to share it with," it added.
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