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Poor weather hampering work to control gas leak

Guwahati: Poor weather condition on Saturday hampered work to control gas flowing uncontrollably from a well blowout of the Oil India Limited's (OIL) at Baghjan in Assam's Tinsukia district, officials said.

Gas is flowing uncontrollably from the well blowout since May 27, they said.

"Poor weather condition is hampering the work progress for removal of equipment from well plinth and development of approach road for removing equipment from the site", according to a statement issued by the company.

Associated condensates coming out with the gas are water sprayed and collected in a pond near the well site itself and utmost care has been taken to arrest condensate spillage to surrounding areas.

A Bund has been created around the well site to prevent the contaminated water runoff to surrounding and nearby water body.

Arrangement for collection of required quantity of water from the river source was in progress but the job has been hampered due to certain difficulties.

Considering the current wind direction in the water reservoir and pump area, civil work for alternate water reservoir and placement of pumps is in progress, the statement added.

OIL has engaged local fishermen with boats to identify oil spill, if any, in Maguri Matapung Beel so that immediate remedial action may be taken up as required.

Meanwhile, a Guwahati based firm has been lined up for bio-remediation of oil spill in the area The company also claimed that there is no report of any serious health issues due to the blowout.

A section of the local media had claimed that four persons have died in Natun Gaon (a nearby village) possibly due to pollution from the blowout.

"No human life has been lost due to release of natural gas, crude oil spillage or condensate in OILs operations in all these years", the company said.

There is 24/7 para medical staff at the relief camps and doctors are constantly addressing the health issues of the local people staying in the relief camps or visiting the mobile health camps in the relief camps. OIL has requested Tinsukia Deputy Commissioner to investigate the matter so that the real cause of the deaths could be ascertained, the statement added.

On May 27, a major blowout took place at a producing gas well of OIL at Baghjan, next to Dibru Saikhowa National Park, forcing the administration to evacuate thousands of people living nearby due to spouting of natural gas and condensate droplets.

Meanwhile, the arrival of the three experts from the Singapore-based Alert Disaster Control has been delayed due to formalities related to COVID-19 pandemic.

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