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Patanjali to be world's number 1 FMCG brand by 2025: Ramdev

Patanjali to be worlds number 1 FMCG brand by 2025: Ramdev

New Delhi: Riding high on the popularity of desi products, Yoga guru Swami Ramdev said that his fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company, Patanjali, will overtake Unilever and others and by 2025 Patanjali would become the world's largest FMCG brand.

"We want to contribute Rs 1 lakh crore to Bharat Mata and that fund would be used for the welfare of countrymen by bringing changes in the sectors of agriculture, education, social welfare," Baba Ramdev said while addressing members of Ficci Ladies Organisation (FLO) on Monday.

In reply to a question as what he will do with the money that he is getting from FMCG business, Baba Ramdev said, "When bhogi (worldling) get money, he becomes rogi (patients) and when yogi gets money, he makes everyone nirogi (disease free). Since, Patanjali is not a profit-making organisation, so whatever we are earning we are giving back to the country."

"I'm not against any foreign company, but I'm against drain of our money. During the freedom struggle time, we were not fighting against any kingdom, though we were fighting against a foreign company – East India Company. So my only objective is to save our country from foreign intruders," Baba Ramdev said at the event.

Patanjali, which started a small-sized pharmacy in 1997, marked its presence in yoga through yoga sutras, with Baba Ramdev being the face of the brand. Ramdev's already established image of a yoga guru and a firm believer of ayurveda helped Patanjali create a brand perception of health and wellness among the Indian masses.

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