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Modi govt energises coal use efficiency in power sector by 8%

New Delhi: The government at the Centre has improved coal use efficiency by 8 per cent in the last four years.

"Specific coal consumption (amount of coal required per unit of electricity) has reduced by 8 per cent in the last 4 years," an official statement of the coal ministry mentioned— which means India today burns 8 per cent less coal to generate the same quantity of power and further helped in power cost reduction.

While addressing media persons here the coal minister Piyush Goyal mentioned, "In the last four years, the coal demand has enhanced along with the lower amount of coal import in per year. Bringing transparency—using washeries to make the process eco-friendly, bringing the system of the reverse auction, efficiency verifications of the coal mines helped the entire system."

Goyal also called the growth in coal production as "historic". "I think there are no such records in the history that is a 105 MT growth in the coal production in the last 4 years," he added.

The coal minister believes that what the preceding governments did in seven to eight years, the incumbent Modi government has done in four years. "Coal production in 2013-14 was 462 MT has now increased to 567 BT in 2017-18. It will grow further 8 per cent in the ongoing year I believe," he asserted.

The ministry statement further said that "The drilling for exploration has almost doubled to 13.7 lakh meters in 2017-18 from 6.9 lakh meters in 2013-14. Coal offtake of CIL increased by 23 per cent to 580 MT in 2017-18 from 471 MT in 2013-14. For superior coal quality, third party sampling procedure has been implemented."

It further mentioned that 89 coal mines have been transparently auctioned and allotted with 100 per cent revenues to coal-bearing states, which will help them to ensure economic development especially for the socio-economically backward and aspirational districts. "Under SHAKTI - 16 Fuel Supply Agreements have been signed. 45.18 MTPA has been transparently auctioned to the non-regulated sector. Commercial coal mining, most ambitious coal sector reform ever, will help in creating direct and indirect employment through higher investment and better technology," it added.

Besides, the coal minister Piyush Goyal, who is also railway minister avouched, "Both the departments coal and railways are dependent on each other. 45 to 48 per cent rail traffic is occupied for coal. On the other hand, coal transportation majorly depends on railways. Do, the combination and coordination between both helped the sectors to grow and helping in fast electrification across the country."

The leading PSU Coal India has increased from 195 rakes per day in 2014-15 to 230 rakes per day in 2017-18. Timelines for time-bound execution have been set for 14 critical projects for evacuating coal.

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