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Marks and Spencer pulls online ads from Google

UK retail firm Marks and Spencers decides to suspend all its online advertisements from Google and YouTube.

UK-based retail company Marks and Spencer on Monday became the latest firm to withdraw all its online advertisements from Google platforms fearing that they are appearing next to extremist contents.

The UK government has made a decision to remove its adverts from YouTube, which is owned by Google - after those were displayed alongside contents from supporters of extremist groups, the BBC reported.

RBS, Lloyds and HSBC have also taken the similar initiative over the weekend.

Google has said it does not always "get it right" and will bring improvements.

A recent investigation by The Times, London, found adverts from a range of well-known firms and organisations had appeared alongside contents from supporters of extremist groups on the YouTube video site.

An ad appearing alongside a video earns the poster about 6 pounds ($8) for every 1,000 clicks it generates, which signify that brands may have unwittingly paid to the extremists.

Fast food chain McDonald's, beauty giant L'Oreal and luxury carmaker Firm Audi, BBC, the Guardian and Channel 4, have also decided to put a pause on their advertising on both Google's search engine and YouTube site.

Sky News and telecommunication company Vodafone are also planning to suspend their ads.

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