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Khadi production grows at average rate of 37.1% over last four years

New Delhi: The introduction of higher and multi-dimensional innovation in the Khadi sector by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has once again resulted in a success story as the signature fabric of India has made an average jump of 37.1 per cent in Khadi fabric production in the last four years, i.e. from 103.22 million square meters to 141.52 million square meters.

And, this increase of 39.30 million square meters has happened ever since the KVIC encouraged the registration of new Khadi Institutions and laid stress upon the artisan-centric programmes like distribution of 31,000 New Model Charkhas and 5,600 modern looms since 2015.

During this span of time, Khadi has rolled 376 new Khadi institutions and added 38,684 new Khadi artisans, which has resulted in an average jump of 61 percent in Khadi fabric production's share with respect to the mills' fabric production – in the last four years.

As per the website of Ministry of Textiles, in the fiscal 2013-14, the mill sector fabric production was 2,531 million square meters.

On ther other hand, as per KVIC's Audit Report, the Khadi sector fabric production during the same fiscal was 103.22 million square meters – which was a bit higher than 4 percent of the overall production. Interestingly, after four years, i.e. financial year 2017-18 – the production tally witnessed a steep jump of 38.30 million square meters (average jump of 37.10 percent) in Khadi sector fabric production.

In the fiscal 2017-18, while the mill sector fabric production was 2, 157 million square meters, the Khadi sector fabric production was 141.52 million square meters – which was more than 6.5 percent share of the overall fabric production in the country. And, it indicates that a growth 61 percent in Khadi sector fabric production's share since 2015.

KVIC Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena explains the reasons: "First and foremost, this steep rise in Khadi sector fabric production is due to the repeated appeals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – to adopt Khadi. And then, the credit goes to the Ministry of MSME, who outlined and implemented many policies and programmes – to attract the artisans – basically the back-bone of Khadi sector." Saxena further said that the numbers of artisans are progressively increasing in the Khadi sector because of the new policies and initiative taken by the KVIC in the recent years.

"We started registration of new Khadi institutions for widening the scope for employment as well as revival of defunct Khadi institutions. From 2015-16, altogether 38,684 new Khadi artisans have been added till 10th October this year, consequently rising the artisans number to 4,94,684. Even 376 new Khadi institutions have also been added during this span of time," adding, "A total of 92,841 new employments have been created in the Khadi sector during the last four years."

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