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Govt plans to provide content on internet in local Indian languages

New Delhi: The government is looking at providing content on internet to people in their mother tongue, a senior official said on Monday and urged companies to solve language-related problems in India.

He also said the Centre is looking for technical solution to remove language barrier in conversation among Indians.

"We need a method through which any Indian using his or her language should be able to converse with any user in any other Indian language without impediment of English as a link language. This is the kind of goal we have set," Information Technology Secretary Ajay Prakash Sawhney said at a FICCI event on language technology.

He said that both global and local companies should strive to real-time speech-to-speech translation ability.

"This is possibly 10-year kind of horizon in which we should aim to break these problems and come out with a solution. Within three years, to my mind, we will be able to make a significant amount of progress," Sawhney said.

Citing a study, Sawhney said that 0.055 per cent of websites were found with content in Hindi and next Indian language which comes closer in Bengali.

"The government is a key stakeholder. We have a large number of websites that we maintain for the Government of India. Currently, most of them are available in English and a part of that content is available in Hindi.

"It is normally not available in other Indian languages. I have a legitimate requirement how do we make content available in Indian languages," Sawhney said.

He said that Indian companies and global giants should look at solving language-related problems of India.

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