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Extramarks launches test-prep, coaching centres in India

Extramarks education launches the Test-Prep and coaching centres for preparing students for major entrance examinations like IIT - JEE, Medical, and Pre Foundation (Classes VI-X, all subjects). In first phase of launch, Extramarks has launched full-fledged classroom coaching centers in Jaipur, Bhopal, Indore, Lucknow and Haldwani with plans to open centers in more than 50 locations by the end of this year.

Extramarks being the market leader in online and digital learning space is leveraging its strength and is offering a combination of classroom and digital/online learning to the students. This combination ensures that student gets to understand the concepts learned in details with the help of technology and the most experienced faculty and has enough resources available for practicing and testing the concepts learned to better prepare them for the competition exams. Multimedia based learning enhances concept understanding and application manifolds, reducing the time required to learn and understand a concept significantly providing more time to students for practicing and problem solving.

Extramarks continues to invest significantly in product development, research and analytics and aim to replace the traditional methods and course material with high end paperless, learn and practice modules. Extramarks is working on the analytics based disruptive technologies that will help pin point the areas of improvements for learners at very early stage, enabling them to course correct at the right time for better preparations.

Extramarks' coaching centers also provide coaching for VI-X, popularly known as the foundation classes. All classrooms are equipped with state of the art infrastructure, digital learning solutions, students learn under the supervision of senior faculty members and are also provided with the education tab.

These tabs are preloaded with the digital study material ensuring its availability to the students at all time. Most parents realize that concept understanding during the foundation years play a crucial role in the future success of their child and are looking forward to adopt a blended model of digital and classroom coaching provided by Extramarks.
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