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'Cos globally more & more willing to hire flexible staff'

Cos globally more & more willing to hire flexible staff

Workforce dynamics are changing across the world and organisations are increasingly willing to take on board significant number of flexible workforce, says a survey.

According to a survey by Flexing It, a platform for independent consultants and flexible management talent, more than half of the surveyed organisations will have over 30 per cent of their workforce, double of what it is today, as flexible talent within next five years.
The report, titled Thriving in the Future Workforce that leveraged Flexing It's community of 70,000 global professionals and organisations, said cross border and global teams will be the biggest driver of workforce diversity, while 47 per cent organisations believe they are ready to easily on-board flexible talent.
"The concept of full time regular employment is a 20th century western phenomenon and it's clear that the world is again moving towards a future wherein people will manage their own brands and will move from project to project," said Peter Nicholls, COO of Flexing It.
Data for the survey was collected in June-July 2017 from over 500 firms across over 20 countries. The report noted that work-life flexibility and meaningful work will be the biggest motivators and drivers for professionals over the next 10 years.
Nicholls said, "India is changing rapidly as the economy grows faster and faster and in the near future, it will be very normal for 20-30 per cent of professional or management roles to be flexible or project based".
In terms of the most needed skills to thrive in future workplace, a lot of soft skills will gain importance in the long run with top five skills being critical thinking, social intelligence, novel and adaptive thinking, cross cultural competency and virtual collaboration.
"The changing nature of work will necessitate continuous updation of skills for employees. Survival of the adaptable will be a common theme for employers and employees alike. The need for higher specialisation and new skills will result in part time and freelancing work as a major work theme in the coming decade," said Chandrika Pasricha, CEO and Founder of Flexing It.



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