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Conceptualizing 5G trials with OEMs, application developers: Airtel

New Delhi: Telecom operator Bharti Airtel has said it is in "continuous pursuit" to upgrade existing 4G base stations with 5G capabilities to be future ready, and is "conceptualizing 5G trials" in association with OEMs and application developers.

Bharti Airtel's annual report for FY20 talks of "building 5G capabilities" and promises that proposed investments in current networks will deliver robust connectivity to consumers and lay "a strong foundation for 5G services in the near future".

"In association with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and application developers, we are conceptualising 5G trials. These trials help to showcase our 5G capability through various enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and industrial use cases and applications," the annual report said.

The rising demand for high-speed data has escalated the need for 5G services in one of the world's largest telecom markets.

"To be a future ready enterprise, we are in continuous pursuit to upgrade our existing 4G base stations with 5G capabilities," the company said.

The proposed investments in the current networks will deliver strong connectivity to Airtel consumers, laying a strong foundation for 5G services in the near future, it pointed out.

To enable seamless adoption of cutting-edge technology, Airtel has aimed its network investments towards the creation of a 5G-ready network.

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