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CM Naidu, Sadhguru inaugurate Happy Cities Summit 2018

Amaravati: Chandrababu Naidu's appetite for building new cities and showcasing them to the world, has not diminished in all these years. This morning the 67 years old Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh inaugurated the Happy Cities Summit at Amravati, being built on a 5 - 10 - 15 concept. Which means, one can walk 5 minutes to Emergency, 10 minutes to Open Spaces and 15 minutes to Work. It will also have 50% green cover and the greenest public transport.
On earlier occasions his guests were Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, this morning it was Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva; the spiritual leader with high happiness quotient.
APCRDA, the capital region devp authority, has invited the best in the world to help them build the this ambitious city, aiming to be amongst the top 5 Liveable cities in the world.
Around 1,000 delegates from India and abroad will take part in the Summit.
"We have decided to make Amaravati as a blue-green city on top as a 'happy city'. Happiness is the index of people's satisfaction. Cities like, Singapore, Bhutan may be small countries, but the happiest ones. So I want Amaravati to be the happiest city in India," Naidu said while addressing the gathering.
"This is first of its kind program in India. I thank Jaggi Vasudev for his presence. We have agreements with Singapore, Malaysia, UK, Bhutan and Finland for better development and growth," Naidu added.
Further speaking on his vision for Andhra Pradesh, Naidu's vision is to make the state happiest one in India.
"Decade ago, there were talks of development which began with smart cities after that most lovable cities and now it's time for happiness. Play, work, create wealth, go for innovations are the new mantra that we are striving for," Chief Minister stated.
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