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China raises anti-dumping duties on US optical fibre

Beijing: China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) announced on Tuesday that it will raise the anti-dumping duties on imported optical fibre from the US.

The new anti-dumping duty rates, effective from Wednesday, will range from 33.3 per cent to 78.2 per cent, up from a previous range of 4.7 per cent to 18.6 per cent, the MOC said on its website.

China started to impose anti-dumping duties on dispersion unshifted single-mode optical fibre imported from the US and the EU from April 2011 for five years after a probe discovered their previous dumping practices, Xinhua news agency reported.

In April 2017, the MOC decided to impose the duties on optical fibre for another five years. In August 2017, the MOC decided to review the margin of dumping from US companies, after domestic companies filed an application claiming that US companies had increased their dumping margin.

The optical fibre affected is widely used for high-speed and long-distance transmission in the telecommunications industry.

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