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Narlikar, Kotak win JK's Lakshmipat Singhania leadership awards

President of India Pranab Mukherjee gave away the Lakshmipat Singhania – IIM Lucknow National Leadership Awards 2016-17 here on Tuesday honoring six individuals for their outstanding social contribution and exceptional leadership talents in the field of Science and technology, social work and business.

Conferring the awards Mukherjee said, "It is important for us as a society to recognize leaders." He also emphasised the fact to improve conditions of educational institutions which produce the next generation leaders.

Calling for the increased participation of the private sector to improve the education system, Mukherjee said, "That despite economic growth in India there has not been much research and innovation. We need more private sector participation in education, especially at the higher level".

Among the awardees were noted astrophysicist Professor Jayant Narlikar and Industry captain Uday Kotak. The awards were bestowed upon the winners by the President of India at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi during a grand ceremony by President Pranab Mukherjee.

The award has been named after the key Architect of JK Organisation, Lala Lakshimipat Singhania an eminent industrialist and a visionary business leader who made significant contributions towards the Indian economy. IIM Lucknow India's premier business school is instrumental in selecting the recipients through a multi-layer selection process.

"JK Organisation President Bharat Hari Singhania said, "The concept behind the prestigious award is to recognize and encourage young and motivated individuals who have worked those extra miles to bring about social development and have made remarkable contributions to the socio-economic growth of our country",
Ajit Prasad Director IIM said, "the award signifies four attributes of a leader: Vision, ability to take risks and make sub-optimal choices, communication and lack of selfishness".

Raghupati Singhania, Vice President, JK Organisation said: "JK Organisation deeply values the opportunity provided by IIM-Lucknow to partner with them for recognizing and honouring exceptional leaders every year. We are thankful to the Board of Governors and Director IIM Lucknow, it faculty and the team in JK Organisation, particularly those working behind the scene, who have strived year after year, to make this event a true benchmark for recognising and celebrating leadership."

This year's recipients include (Leaders) Science Technology - Professor Jayant Narlikar, Community Service and Social Up-liftmen – Dr Prakash Amte, Business - Uday Kotak, (Young leaders) Science Technology – Dr Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Community Service and Social Up-liftmen – Shrimati Jaya Devi, Business – Siddhartha Lal.

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