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'Bengaluru world's 2nd best city for relocation based on living costs'

New Delhi: Bengaluru is the second least expensive city to relocate in terms of living expenses for the first month, following Egyptian capital Cairo, says a report.

According to a study by furnished apartment search engine Nestpick, the first month living expense in Cairo stood at $656, while for Bengaluru it was at $742.13. In the overall list, the Indian city was ranked 79th.

Other least expensive cities to relocate include Bucharest ($754.83), Budapest ($870.58), Riga ($931.56) and Mexico City ($943.15). On the other hand, Dubai emerged as the most expensive city to relocate as the total first month living expense stood at $4,251.68, followed by Auckland ($4,002.76) and San Francisco ($3,768.68).

New York has a total living expenses for the first month at $3,374.21, London ($3,207.41), Sydney ($3,000.27), Oslo ($2,921.90) and Zurich ($2,899.98), as per the report.

To calculate the cost of relocating to each place, Nestpick researched the potential immigration factors like a possible visa fee, and the visa processing time. The living costs for the first month were calculated, covering rent prices, internet cost, phone service, food and drink expenses and any public transport costs.

The survey further noted that Zurich, Switzerland has the most expensive food and drink prices at $1,193.96, while Bengaluru has the least at $255.97.

London has the most expensive transport prices, at $168.71, while Cairo has the least expensive, at $7.14.

"The cost of living is often a huge factor for those looking to move, with the initial month almost always incurring extra costs due to potential visa applications," said Omer Kucukdere, MD of Nestpick.

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