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Burmans plan to serve Punjab Grill overseas

Dabur promoter family scion Amit Burman-led LiteBite Foods is embarking on an international expansion of its  North Indian cuisine chain Punjab Grill with plans to open outlets in Thailand, Abu Dhabi and London.

The company is also planning to add six more outlets of the restaurant chain next year to take the total to 15.

‘Punjab Grill already has an outlet in Singapore and gradually we are looking to expand the international footprint. The second overseas outlet will be opened in Bangkok by the middle of December,’ LiteBite Foods chairman Amit Burman said.

Later in January next year, another outlet will be opened in Abu Dhabi, he added.

The new Punjab Grill outlet in Bangkok will be situated in the Radisson Hotel, while the Abu Dhabi outlet will be at Bawabat Al Sharq mall being developed by Baniyas Investment & Development Co.

He said both the cities have a sizeable Indian population and the company is targeting customers who have been seeking authentic North Indian cuisine.

‘We are also exploring the possibility for opening an outlet in London and it may take six months,’ Burman said, adding that the company would mainly opt for the franchise route for the expansion.

‘In some cases where we see value, we may co-invest, otherwise the expansion of Punjab Grill will be mainly through franchise route,’ he said.

The company is also exploring a number of other destinations like Hong Kong and Malaysia, Burman added.

LiteBite Foods is aiming to accelerate expansion of Punjab Grill as it has gained full control of the chain.

‘About a year ago, we had bought off the 45 per cent stake in Punjab Grill held by Jiggs Kalra and his son Zorawar Kalra, who continue to help us. Now we plan to increase the brand’s presence in India,’ he said.

Between January and December next year, six more outlets will be added in India, he said.

At present, Punjab Grill has presence in seven cities across India
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