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Burglary attempt at Durgapur police personnel’s home

Burglars broke the lock of a house of police personnel near Durgapore’s City Centre area on Tuesday night, but could not get any valuable except a piggy bank containing 120 one rupee coins. The frustrated burglars broke the mirrors of the house and smashed the crockery before decamping from there.

Dhananjoy Singh, a sub-inspector of West Bengal had gone on a vacation with his family and his house was empty. The burgers broke the lock of the house and entered there on Tuesday night. They broke the lock of two steel almirahs and a wooden cabinet. But they did not find any jewelleries or cash there.

The frustrated burglars did not even find any electronic goods – like television or mobile phones. The frustrated gang then started rampaging through the house and broke many goods, but could not get anything to take except the clay made piggy bank.

“The sub-inspector is really clever. He removed those valuable to another place before going for vacation. We are going to start an investigation, as the number of burglaries has gone up all of a sudden in the area,” said a police officer.
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