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Bumper to bumper: Thousands stuck in jam, traffic police clueless

The city’s traffic police was caught completely unaware even as commuters faced a six hours jam in the Chhatarpur area on Sunday.

When contacted by Millennium Post, officials at the department claimed that nobody informed them about the jam that was caused because of over 10,000 cars being parked on the roadside in the area. 

The cars reportedly belonged to the disciples of a self-styled godman popularly known as Guruji. More than 20,000 people came to Guruji’s ashram, which is adjacent to the Radha Swami Ashram, to get a glimpse of the godman. Guruji was supposed to visit his ashram in Fatehpur Beri on Sunday.

The jam affected almost 12 km of the city road that connects Gurgaon and Faridabad. The affected areas included Chhattarpur, Madangiri and Fatehpur Beri. A commuter who got stuck in the jam said he missed on an important meeting he was to have with a foreign client. 

Talking to Millennium Post he said, ‘Around 10,000 cars are stuck in the crowd and there is no hope than I can get out of this long snarl before midnight. There are no police to help us.’

A police officer deputed as the Chhatarpur police station, who was also stuck in the jam said, ‘Red lights have stopped working due to the breakdown of power supply. Traffic policemen are operating the signals manually that is also adding to the traffic jam.’

Additional commissioner of police (traffic) Anil Sharma remained unavailable for comments. Till the filing of this report, the scene was bad and there was no hope of the jam clearing before midnight.
Lack of proper arrangements to manage the crowds coming to the ashram and the lax attitude of the traffic police had led to the traffic.
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