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Bull-run in southern Spain kills one

The deadly goring occurred about 1 AM during festivities at the small village of Pedreguera, where the Red Cross said the heifer gored the 29-year-old man through the thorax and abdomen. He was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead an hour later.

The town suspended all bull-related festivities for the day.At the famed San Fermin festival, the bull run was unusually long, with one bull left stranded at the starting gate, where he proceeded to charge and strike a couple of runners. Many other participants fell and were stampeded by the head of the pack in the 850-meter race.

Another of the six bulls in the run got separated from the pack early in the race, did a U-turn and gored a nearby runner, lifting his body off the ground and flipping him over.A government statement said a 33-year-old Japanese man and a 24-year-old Spaniard were gored. The Navarra hospital said one of them had suffered a thorax wound.

The regional government said a dozen others were also taken to city hospitals for trauma care, including a 37-year- old from Barcelona and another 33-year-old Japanese man. Ten people, including four Americans, were gored at the San Fermin festival last year. 
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