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Brown sugar, beauty products recovered from Sealdah station

 MPost |  2016-05-09 00:24:03.0  |  Kolkata

The government railway police have seized around 1 kg brown sugar from the Sealdah station on Saturday. However, the police are yet to arrest anyone in this connection so far. According to information, police spotted a bag lying inside the Sealdah North section. As no one came forward to claim the bag, the police finally opened it and recovered brown sugar. It has been suspected that as they spotted the bag the accused might have fled the scene. In another incident, Railway Protection Force (RPF) on Sunday seized various beauty products worth over lakh of rupees from the Rajdhani Express at Sealdah station. 

As the goods were unclaimed, the security personnel brought them out of the Howrah bound Rajdhani Express which was standing at 9B platform. There were hair drier, imported combs and music systems. After examining the items RPF personnel found that they were brought from Bangkok. Police have, however, started an inquiry into the matter.



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