Brosnan campaigning to save whales

Brosnan campaigning to save whales
Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan has joined a campaign to save the whales.

The Mamma Mia! star and his wife Keely have put their voice to a campaign which aims to stop Japan from conducting its scientific research whaling programme, where they kill more than 15,000 whales under the guise of science, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Brosnan penned an essay for Time magazine in which he has urged the public to use their power to put an end to whaling.

“We are passionate about efforts to protect our planet’s great whales and their ocean habitat. Although many people think we saved the whales in the 1970s, surprisingly, whales face more threats today than ever before,” the essay read.

“Therefore, there is a genuine sense of urgency needed in the ongoing fight to protect these magnificent creatures, as well as a renewed sense of optimism.” Brosnan wrote, “This is the first IWC meeting since Japan restarted its so-called ‘scientific research’ whaling program in the Antarctic, after the UN International Court of Justice found it illegal.” 

“Since the moratorium, Japan has exploited a loophole to kill more than 15,000 whales under the guise of science. The IWC adopted 22 resolutions over the years calling on Japan to halt or restrict its ‘scientific whaling research,” he said in the piece.

The 63-year-old shared that the lives of whales and “countless other species are threatened by the choices that we as humans have made and continue to make as we expand our footprint across the earth”. 

“Rogue commercial whaling, noise pollution, chemical pollution, marine debris, ship strikes, climate change, ocean acidification and entanglement in fishing gear are all leading to the demise of these leviathans,” the essay read.

This comes after Brosnan featured in an advertisement holding a tin of pan masala.

The actor has demanded the company to remove his image from all their products, and assured that he had no knowledge that he was endorsing items that would have a negative or painful reaction in India.


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