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Britney Spears has always had a crush on Brad Pitt

Britney Spears has always had a crush on Brad Pitt
The 34-year-old has joked that she has always carried a torch for the star, reported +When asked, who is her celebrity crush, she said “Brad Pitt because he’s Brad Pitt.” 

The “Piece of Me” hitmaker previously revealed she lost her mind when she got a chance to meet Brad, 52.

“The most star-struck I was with was probably Brad Pitt.I saw him probably 10 years ago at the Teen Choice Awards. He had really long hair. I completely died.

“I ran! I was dressed in high heels (and I ran) towards him! Like an idiot, I ran to him and I was like, Oh my God, I’m the biggest fan. I kind of lost my mind for a second” she said.

“I was so uncool. It was probably one of my most uncool moments ... But he is just so sexy. He was really nice but he’d probably dodge me, but I got a picture and an autograph.I acted, like, four years old” she added.

The singer has given many hit songs some of them being  ‘Gimme Baby One More Time’,‘Womanizer’ and ‘Toxic’ among others. 
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