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British intelligence alert exposed former CBI chief’s dirty link with meat seller

British intelligence alert exposed former CBI chief’s dirty link with meat seller
A few months ago, the British Revenue Intelligence Authority alerted the Indian Income Tax Authority that an Indian businessman was transferring huge amount of money from Dubai to London.

On the basis of this alert, IT sleuths put Moin Qureshi’s telephone under surveillance for about two months. Those surveillance tapes have enough explosive material to put the entire political fraternity in an uncomfortable spot. The IT Authority has already established that Qureshi, proprietor of meat export firm, AMQ Agro India, has disproportionate assets worth hundreds of crores of rupees, apart from his known and declared income.

The IT authority is certain that the businessman allegedly holds assets on behalf of powerful government officials. The prime accused in this case is former CBI director whose name has come under scrutiny. The seized documents show Qureshi was allegedly working as a middleman on behalf of this CBI director and in many sensitive cases the accused have paid huge bribes, which were traced to Dubai bank accounts. A number of seized lockers have been opened and the contents show Qureshi had a cosy relationship with the former CBI director and a powerful political secretary in town. Interestingly, this former CBI director was handling sensitive cases related to the 2G scam, the coal scam and other headline-grabbing cases where allegations were raised that the investigations never reached logical end.

From the seized documents and Qureshi’s telephonic conversations it is evident that he was in touch with several powerful businessmen who were facing various kinds of CBI investigations. He was playing the role of a middleman in settling these cases in exchange of huge monetary benefits.
IT sleuths suspect that businessmen have paid huge bribes which were transferred through hawala channel. The former CBI director’s daughter is based out of Paris and runs a jewellery shop.

Another daughter is based out of London. From the seized documents it appears that Qureshi was also close to a powerful UPA minister who hails from Madhya Pradesh. The CBI has consistently given him the clean chit in a number of cases of embezzlement involving hundreds of crores of rupees in NHAI contracts. Incidentally, Qureshi tried to get in touch with the current director, CBI, Ranjit Sinha a number of times, as in most cases he was referred to Sinha by the former director. Qureshi was also in close touch with former Congress minister Matang Singh who was recently in a major problem after he received Rs 62 crore from West Bengal chit fund scam accused Sudipto Sen but failed to transfer the share holding. At the same time he sold his channel again to industrialist Naveen Jindal.

Qureshi’s colourful lifestyle got him political and business friends for whom he played saviour particularly during the period when his friend was the CBI director. After the IT probe, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence has also joined the probe and the former director went to meet finance minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday. But sources say Qureshi didn’t get the assurance that his case would be hushed up the way many other such cases were dealt with in the past.
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