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British ex-PM raises possibility of new Brexit vote

Former British prime minister John Major believes there is a “credible case” for a second referendum on Brexit, a newspaper reported on Friday, after his successor Tony Blair suggested the process could be stopped.

Major, a former leader of Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative party, warned against the “tyranny of the majority” in implementing the June vote to leave the European Union (EU), in which 52 per cent opted for Brexit. “I hear the argument that 48 per cent of people, who voted to stay, should have no say in what happens. I find that very difficult to accept,” he told a dinner this week, according to The Times newspaper.

“The tyranny of the majority has never applied in a democracy and it should not apply in this particular democracy,” he added. 

Asked if the public should be given another say on the terms of the withdrawal deal, Major reportedly said: “That is a matter for parliament. You can make a perfectly credible case for it.”
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