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Bring back the sparrows

Bring back the sparrows
It may be recalled that the first world sparrow day was celebrated in 2010 in various parts of the world. The basic idea of celebrating this day is to raise awareness not only of house sparrow but other common birds in the urban environment. In Delhi people are observing house sparrows which used to be a common sight early in the morning in each house hold, in verandahs and house garden.

However, for the last few years, they have moved out because of destruction of their habitat in and around our houses, construction of towers. In order to save them, Delhi Govt. has declared sparrow as state bird of Delhi. As a birder, nature conservationist, I feel that we may take all measures so those sparrows again come back to urban environment.

Further, we have to ensure that the birds such as red-vented,bulbul, myna, carow, woodpecker, pigeon, owl, parakeets,  koyal, hoopoe, kingfisher, peafowl do get protection, in some way or other, they have been associated to humankind from time immemorial. By saving the birds around us, means ‘we are saving the nature’.
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