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Bright Group releases new book on success

The Chairman of the Bright Group of Publications P S Bright released a new book titled New ways to Success written by marketing guru K C Lapsha.

Speaking on the occasion, Bright said that, ‘This book has been published by “Creative Idea”.  It is an interesting and educative book based on true incidents of life. By reading this book one can solve their problems logically. Nowadays, people study management to become professionals and do the work only for the progress of the organiSations. The managers or the professionals can only progress by giving value to human feelings only. Practical knowledge leads to progress.’

After having understood the values of success the writer has written this book on the basis of his own experiences of life, he added.

According to the author, ‘A person has to take important decisions and has to decide judiciously. Also, a time comes when he cannot take a piece of advice from others. A right decision at the right time can allow a person to earn crores of rupees and overcome the difficulties he faces in his life.’ The book has been compiled over ten years and has been written in a story form.
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