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Bright colours will lift mood

I am 32 years of age, and at last I have found someone special. I am taking him out this weekend for dinner. Though I am not that fussy about clothes, yet I would want to make this evening special for him. What should I wear?

Well, congratulations to you for finding your soulmate. Well, why not try out classics like a crisp white shirt and blue denims, and adding some colour with  colourful loafers. Complete the look with a nice watch. And if your dressing is very casual, then you can even try out one of those colourful trousers, but team it with something subdued.

I have inherited a lot of cut piece fabric which were embroidered by my grandmother years ago. They are small pieces of fabric and has great sentimental value for me. How can I use those creatively?

Heirlooms are always to be treasured, not only because of their vintage status, but also because of the love and blessings attached to it. You can always turn them into beautiful cushion covers, teaming them with some other fabric, or if you find a couple of similar designs, you can use them in the sleeves of your blouse. A tablecloth with all this different embroidery appliquéd together will also be a nice idea.

Months back I visited an exhibition and ended up buying this beautiful embroidered cape. However it’s a thread  embroidery with geometrical motifs. Please advice how to wear it .

Capes have always been in fashion, but for end high fashionistas. It is a piece of garment that adds instant glamour and mystery to any outfit. Though capes are generally kept aside for winters, but if the fabric is light enough you can wear it in summers as well. Wear it for your night outs like disco and clubbing. Team them with a crisp short dress, and team up high heels and oodles of attitude.

Though I am a conservative dresser, yet I am in love with this lime green see-through chiffon shirt that my friend has gifted me. I don’t want to wear it with a spaghetti  top inside. Please advice something better.

Layering is a big thing in fashion now. Team up your lime green with some interesting printed inners. They could be sleeveless, with a small cap sleeve or just an off-shoulder top. And if you are still uncomfortable with the see-trough effect them you can team it as just a layer with your denim and tee, or with your jumpsuit.

Are printed pants still in fashion? My fiancee got one for me from abroad. Though the fit is just fabulous, I am a  bit sceptical about wearing them, since I haven’t tried anything before. Please help.

Prints in all shapes and sizes are ‘in’, and they are here to stay. While print on print is one trend, which many designers have played with, you can stick to the general attitude of print & solids. Team your printed pants with some some solid coloured shirts, t-shirts  for max effect.  Try new things  with your clothes, as fashion is ever changing.

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