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Bright colours will lift mood

I am obsessed with the colour blocking trend, but never tried it for the fear of getting it wrong. How do I find the right combination for my curves?

You can always stick to contrasts. Colour blocking takes away the headache of matching prints in various forms. And with colours you can also dress it up or down according to your mood. If in a cheerful avatar, go for strong bright colours, complementing or contrasting each other. And in case you are going through some inner unrest, stick to monotone separates.

Any tips on how to store my woollens without ruining them?

Try making sections wherein you can fold some of the goodies, and keep space for folding and staking them up as well. Your jackets, can be put inside zip-up pouches and hung in your wardrobe.

While the sweaters can be put inside storage bags and then stored somewhere. But try and dry clean the pieces before packing them away.

I have this favourite white short dress, which just got ruined in a party last week. I dropped some gravy on the lower part, a couple of inches above the hem. Though the dress is quite a few years old, yet I don’t want to throw it away. Please help.

Well, considering your attachment with the dress, I feel it’s time to revamp the dress. You can either get the hem portion dyed in a colour which hides the stain (provided the fabric is dyeable) and to add some fun, you can also dye the entire dress in ombre, which will make a new addition to your wardrobe. You can also attach some interesting fabric strips to cover that stain, which will also give the dress a new look, use in your creativity! And why not cop the length and turn it into a normal length or crop top?

Is it a good idea to invest in printed bags?? I have been drooling over one of those, and it costs a bomb. What should I do?

Well, I feel bags with a statement are always a good investment. But funky prints are a shortlived trend, so better invest in something which you can always use for many years. But, if you think it’s a piece of art you want to own, please go ahead then.

I have this huge collection of dupattas from my college days, and now that I am into corporate dressing, don’t know how to use them. Please help.

Well, college days goodies are of sentimental value. Why throw them away, you can always make good and different stuffs out of them. A nice top can be made out of it, if you love beaches, then a couple of kaftans can be done. And if you are into interiors then make cushion covers out of them.

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