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Bridge submerged in Birbhum village

A bridge, which served as one of the lifelines for the residents of Labhpur town in Birbhum district, was submerged under the flood water in Kuye River on Thursday. The recent torrential rainfall led to a deluge in the area and hundreds of villages were inundated.

The wooden bridge on Kuye River was submerged and the connection between Siuri and Kirnahar villages was cut.

“It is really troubling us. We regularly go to the Siury market to sell vegetables. But now that the bridge is flooded, we are unable cross the river and go to the market. How can we earn money for food?” a villager rued.

The district administration even took several measures to lift the bridge out of the water. All their efforts, however, were in vain.

As a result, the district administration has now arranged for some boats to ferry the villagers and traders across both sides of the river.

Unfortunately, many traders could not avail the ferry service as they were unable to get on the boats with their goods.

“The boats were small. It would submerge again if we carry our goods in the boat. It could lead to an accident,” said one of the traders.

The local MLA Manirul Molla on Thursday took stock of the situation. He said that the bridge will definitely be repaired, but they are waiting for financial help.

“The business was marred for some days. We have reported all the things to the MLA and requested him to bring the money to repair the bridge,” said the villagers.
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