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Breathing soul into clay

Breathing  soul into clay
Sculpted Rhythms  is an exhibition of  hand made sculptures by two talented artistes Madhulika Jha and Shashi Kumar Paul. The Exhibition will be inaugurated by  Paramjeet Singh, eminent artiste and chairman of AIAFACS. The event will be held on 24 November at the Sculpture Court, Triveni Kala Sangam in the Capital. The exhibition is on till 5 December.

Madhulika Jha was an artist even before she understood the word. She was drawing and colouring pictures on floors and walls.

She studied fine arts eventually transitioning primarily to oil painting. Over the 70s, 80s and 90s her paintings were exhibited and collected at various venues all over India.

Madhulika found her true calling, scriptures in 1997. In her hands, clays allows the expression of a full range of woman's complex moods and emotions.

Madhulika uses the female sculptural form to embody the internal paradox of vulnerability and strength. Her sculptures might display abstraction form reality at a superficial level but an inner core of resilience eventually dominates.

Like Madhulika, since early childhood Shashi Kumar Paul had engaged in art, especially sculpture which he imbibed at his father's knee. For him modeling an inert lump of clay into a fluid breathtaking piece of art is as natural as breathing. His work centers around movements.
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