Breathing colours through lens

Breathing colours through lens
To showcase the different moods, colour, historical and contemporary glory of Lutyen’s Delhi, India Habitat Centre is hosting an exhibition titled- ‘Stagealive’, an exhibition of photographs clicked by Ahmed Firoz that were taken at various points of time in the national Capital. 

Lutyen’s Delhi is not just a city relevant to food lovers and the youth who come here for job opportunities. It has mysteries in the hustles and bustles of the streets with people from multiple cultural and social identities come together to make the place a melting pot of thousands of ideas. It is a place where festivals and cultural activities keep people engaged and mesmerised. These photographs, from an expressionist, bring out different cultural identities, beliefs and a sense of belonging. Each one of them strengthens the other, in the finest traditions of this city with a monumental past.

What is happening out here in the National Capital every day is the reflection of the character of the city. From the cultural performers to the people storming different locations during festivals; the colourful moods of the visitors, who look at the monuments with awe; the stress and vulnerability of the of the performers in the backstage and the little nap one takes in the afternoon after hours of hard work are shown.

Firoz brings out the heart and soul of the city in all its colours and vibrance. One can relax and take some time out and see Delhi from the stories Firoz tells through the moments he has captured with his lens.

Apart from documenting lives in this rapidly changing world, his overall body of work presents reality seen from his own unique perspective bringing out the intricate relationship between people and the surroundings. His works allow for a variety of interpretations and he does not believe there cannot be another view different from his own.

His photographs, depending upon the interpretation are aesthetically pleasing and mysterious but at times carry strong messages to challenge the contemporary societal or economic values of our time. 

The core of his photography strongly depicts the rapidly changing relationships between people. An expressionist by nature, Firoz is not identified with any specific genre of photography and just believes in the artistic value of his work.

An economist by profession and known for his work on energy, metals and natural resources, Ahmed Firoz finds some time from his schedule to take his camera out to focus on the objects that tell subtle stories. which are intense and relevant to the times we are living in.


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