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Registration for 'Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana' begins today in Chhattisgarh

More than 10 lakh landless agro-labourer families to be benefitted under the scheme

Registration for Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana begins today in Chhattisgarh

Raipur: As the registration process for 'Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana' commenced today, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel extended hearty congratulations to the agro-labourers in the state and requested them to register under the scheme to avail the benefits.

In his message to public, Chief Minister said that under Chhattisgarh Government's initiative to ensure justice to the needy people in the state, a new chapter has been added in form of "Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana". The registration for this Nyay Yojana is starting from today i.e. September 1 and it would go on till November 30, 2021. More than 10 lakh landless agricultural laborers will be benefitted under the scheme. For each family, a grant amount of Rs 6,000 per year will be deposited directly into their bank account.

Baghel further said: "our top leaders and MPs — Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have given us this mantra that money should be put in the pockets of poor families by all means so as to save them from the vicious cycle of debt in the times of economic crisis. The way Chhattisgarh Government's initiative to provide financial aid to the farmers has strengthened the market, in the same way, the financial help to be provided to the landless agricultural laborers under aforementioned scheme will also become a medium to give impetus to the rural economy.

Baghel said that Chhattisgarh is the first state in the country which has implemented such a scheme for landless agricultural labourers.

Chief Minister said that through 'Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana', we will be able to help the most-needy families of the state. This new episode of Nyay Yojana will help us achieve our goal of 'Garhbo Nava Chhattisgarh'. While appealing to the eligible labourers to register for the scheme, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel informed that the beneficiaries would start getting the benefits of this scheme from this year itself.

Head of rural landless agricultural labourer families will have to register on the portal of the scheme

The heads of rural landless agricultural labourer families interested in availing the benefits of "Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhoomiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana" will have to compulsorily register on Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhoomiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana portal RGGBKMNY.CG.NIC.IN ( within the stipulated time frame.

To register at the portal, the head of the family will have to submit the application to the Secretary, Gram Panchayat, with the photocopy of following documents – Aadhar card, bank passbook. Mobile number should also be mentioned in the application. Gram Panchayat Secretary will then have to submit the beneficiary's application within the prescribed time limit to the Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat. Thereafter, the application would be entered and updated on the portal. The beneficiary family will get the receipt of the application from Gram Panchayat Secretary. Village-wise copy of B-1 and Khasra based on the Bhuinya record will be pasted in each Gram Panchayat, so that the land-holding families can be identified and the landless families can get the facility to fill the application.

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