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Breaking barriers with dance

Breaking barriers with dance
Tihar Central Jail organised a Kuchipudi dance performance by reowned Kuchipudi exponent Meenu Thakur recently.

Tihar Jail complex is the largest jail complex in South Asia. Its main objective is to convert its inmates into ordinary members of society by providing them with useful skills, education and respect for the law. The hail authorities have embarked upon culturally empowering the inmates, many of them convicted of heinous crimes. As India’s classical culture has so many moral lessons to offer, Tihar Jail invited Meenu Thakur to perfrom Kuchipudi at Jail No. 6 which houses women inmates.

with this performance Thakur became the first  danseuse to perform in the jail. Thakur also encouraged inmates to dance with her and taught them a few steps. The inmates were overjoyed with the effort and the officials warmly thanked Thakur and expressed desire to have more classical performances in the future to break the monotony of daily work. Thakur was felicayed by Anju Mangla, Superintendent, Prisons.
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