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Breakaway Nepal Maoist calls for alliance with ex-king

A call to political parties by a breakaway faction of Nepal’s Maoist party to forge an alliance with deposed king Gyanendra Shah ‘to protect the country’s nationality’has alarmed many in the Himalayan nation. Addressing a press conference here Tuesday, Mohan Baidhya, leader of the the CPN-Maoist, said his party would work will all nationalist forces, including Gyanendra, who carries ‘true feelings of nationalism.’

To remove the centuries-old monarchy, the Maoists - including Baidhya - fought a 10-year civil war in Nepal that left over 13,000 dead. It resulted in Nepal becoming a democracy in 2008. Baidhya’s Maoist faction is also opposing the November polls, demanding the resignation of the Khil Raj Regmi-led government and urging an all-party round table conference. However, though CPN-Maoist may not have much influence in the coming elections, it could disturb electoral equations, analysts say.
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