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Brazilian couple’s phone recovered in 20 mins, ‘When will we get ours,’ ask Delhiites

A Brazilian couple taking selfies at Akshardham had their phone snatched by juveniles on Tuesday. The incident took place outside the Akshardham Temple when the couple Peitro Gustavo and his wife Jersey were clicking selfies with their iPhone using a selfie stick. A juvenile who approached them snatched their mobile and ran away into the slums of Shashi Garden. The couple chased the 8-year-old minor but could not trace him. 

They informed the police after that. The cops formed several teams and apprehended the minor from the slums and recovered the mobile in just 20 minutes.

The couple thanked the cops and went away. However, many Delhiites who had their phones and belongings snatched are not that lucky. Many still recall the ‘snatching’ horror and still feel unsafe on Delhi roads.

Recalling the snatching horror, a resident of Jamia Nagar Uzma said: “I was going to Chandni Chowk in an auto with my niece. We also had a 2.5-year-old baby whose head was rested on the jute bag. As the auto reached the IP Flyover underpass, bikers who came from behind forcefully snatched the bag with a jerk from us. 

“The straps broke and the bag was gone. We were frightened that the baby might have fallen from the auto.”

Priyanka, a student of School of Architecture at ITO, on December 19 was walking down the DDU Marg when bikers snatched her purse.

“This is not just a snatching incident; this is the loss of dignity, self confidence for me. This is the loss of faith that the parents have, that their girl is safe outside the home. Why is Delhi not safe,” she asks. 

In a similar incident, a journalist was waiting for his bus at the ITO stop at around 11 pm on November 22. Two bikers snatched the mobile from his hand and fled away.

This is not new in the city and somehow, the trend of snatching seems to have increased. While police picketing has subsequently increased on arterial roads, should not the same also come with increased vigilance? 

Earlier, the city roads were unsafe only after dark but now it is also the same in the morning hours and the cops must take up the matter seriously to re-instil faith among the citizens.
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