Bratya Basu relives 80’s boyhood in Abby Sen

Bratya Basu relives 80’s boyhood in Abby Sen
Actor-state Minister Bratya Basu feels connected to the vibrant 80s when he was a boy stepping into adulthood and can't come out of that phase fraught with the memory of stealing a glance at a neighbourhood girl, taking the first puff and watching group theatre with elders.

"When Atanu (director Atanu Ghosh) approached me for the role of an 80s' entrepreneur in 'Abby Sen' there was a flood of memories. The decade of the 80s is my decade," Bratya told PTI.
"It was the time when I moved from school to college and then university. It was the transition phase," he says.

Dwelling more on the era, Bratya says, "The change of season of that time, the smell of the air, the memories of love and estrangement everything remains special to me. The sudden feeling that I got one morning that I have grown up and no more a kid. We had our own way of growing up in those days sans social network and chats. Abby Sen will for sure foster that nostalgia among all those having gone through that phase like me." he said. 

"I started watching productions of Theatre Workshop, Ramaprasad Banik, PLT, Nandikar from those days and got initiated to the theatre movement gradually. Certainly these references come to the fore in some way or other when I enact a character of that era," he added.

Dwelling more on his character, he says, "I play an unsuccessful channel owner who makes a futile bid to start a private channel.” 



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