Boy found hanging in hostel kitchen

Boy found hanging in hostel kitchen
Mystery shrouds the death of Rishikesh Dalai, a third year student of Mahishadal Raj College, whose body was found in the kitchen of his college hostel on Sunday morning.

Police said that he was found hanging from the ceiling inside the kitchen of the hostel. The victim was originally from Bhupatinagar, Kalinagar in West Midnapore and was pursuing graduation with Education honours.

Police came to know from the other inmates of the hostel that the victim had gone to his room after 
having dinner. 

On Sunday morning, other inmates could not find him in the room and later, found that he was hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen.The incident had triggered tension among the other 
students of the hostel. After being informed, police recovered the dead body and sent it for the postmortem examination. 

According to the preliminary investigation police suspect that the victim might have committed suicide after being jilted in love though the police have not got any suicide note from the place of the incident.

The victim’s family however, lodged complaint with the police saying that there can be something fishy behind the death of the victim.

In the compliant the family members mentioned that a conspiracy was hatched to murder the victim.
The police are not, however, ruling out any other possibility behind the student’s death. They are investigating all possible angles and have started a detailed probe into the incident including inquiring the other inmates of the hostel.

Some of the inmates of the college hostel have told the police during interrogation, that the victim was suffering from depression for last few days but the reason was not known to them.

They asked him about the reason but he did not reveal anything to them. Police are investigating whether the victim was in any relationship and are also interrogating the hostel authorities in this regard.



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