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Bounty shower: State allocates Rs 5,095.25 crore for civic bodies

The Delhi urban development and revenue minister  Arvinder Singh said on Friday that the finance department of the state government has allocated Rs 5,095.25 crore in the current financial year (2013-14) for the three civic bodies in the capital. The allocations will be made in various forms such as grants-in-aid, basic tax assignment, compensation against parking fees and share in stamp duties.

Singh said, ‘As per the usual practice, grants-in-aid are released in three installments, a first installment of 25 per cent, second of 50 per cent and a third and final installment of the remaining 25 per cent. The three corporations have been requested to furnish relevant information for release of grants-in-aid during the first quarter. Out of Rs 3,876.35 crore to be given as grants-in-aid to the three municipal corporations, an amount of Rs. 969.09 cr. will be released as first installment.

He further stated that so far the state government has released an amount of Rs 795.12 crore, 82 per cent of the first installment. Additionally, an amount of  Rs 224.31 crore has also been sanctioned by the divisional commissioner’s office as share in stamp duty and is expected to be released in a couple of days. Further, the transport department has also disbursed Rs 13.71 crore to the corporation as compensation against parking fees.

Rs 1,033.14 crore from the first installment, which is 25 per cent of total allocation and comes to about Rs 1,273.81 crore, has been released.
Singh added, ‘The primary duty of the corporations is to keep the city clean and they have not succeeded in meeting the general sanitation standards. The corporations always use shortage of funds as an excuse for non-performance. But the facts do not support this claim.

The state government would like to state that the funds earmarked for the corporations would be released on time, provided the required basic information is received on time.
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