Bound by love and oddities

Bound by love and oddities
They say marriages are made in heaven but the daily basis of dealing and staying together by a couple is not even a God's cup of tea. It’s when he brings together the He and the She together, the unusual journey of oddities begin

This is what is explored further by Ishwar Shunya in his soon to be held play The Odd Couple. Originally written by Neil Simon, the play has been adapted suiting the contemporary lives of couples eating, drinking and sleeping together.

'The play is a story about mismatched couples and their trials and tribulations of working out a relationship and growing together despite being totally antagonistic in basic nature and habits. We have put up the female version of Simon's classic in our play,' said Ishwar Shunya, director of The Odd Couple.

After creating a rage in the American cultural arena at Broadway, Oscar Madison and Felix Ungar, the Capital circuit is gearing up for its debut performance under the aegis Saanjha Sapnaa.

'Its for the first time ever that a female version of Simon's play is put up on stage. I play the character of a Spanish boy callled Manolo who is divorced and meets a girl on his tour to India. Its when he falls in love with this girl that the adjustments and compromises happens along with the clashing of different personalities takes the audience on a laugh riot,' says Nihal Parashar.

The play is a situational comedy revolving around two people brought together by destiny and marred by differences and the new version of urban living helped perpetuate the odd couple as one of the most memorable pair of characters in the history.


Where- Alliance Francaise, Lodi Road
When- 27 and 28 April
Timings- 7 pm onwards
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