Bottoms Up!

Bottoms Up!
I had always hoped that there would be this ultimate movie that would define the chaos in the head after a crazy night of drinking. Hangover I (We’ll call this 1 for ease of access) hit that mark. By the time they went to part duex, some of that hungover feeling started to fester around the edges and became that vague sense of irritation and dehydration that marks the realisation aftermath and now by part three – all that remains in just the bad aftertaste and really it is not funny anymore!

Hangover III, the epic end to the wolf pack story is anything but epic. There is no alcohol, no crazy goose chase, no moments of LOLs – pretty much nothing. And seriously, watching Bradley Cooper without his shirt for those two hours, a fixed image on the big screen would have been exponentially cooler than the whole movie and all of Chow’s antics put together. But then Cooper takes the cake anyday.

Allan (Zach Galifianakis) is off his meds and out of control. He kills a giraffe on the freeway (how is that even funny?) and causes a massive pile-up. His father dies of a heart attack and post all that damage his friends – Phil (Bradley Cooper), Doug (Justin Bartha) and Stu (Ed Helms) are pulled in for an intervention. The madness must stop. (Dry sarcastic comment – Oh please! Kill a few more animals, we were just starting to have fun).

On the drive to rehab the wolf pack get bumped off the road by hired goons of big man Marshall (John Goodman) and put on Leslie Chow’s (Ken Jeong) tail. Chow has escaped from prison and Allan is the only one who knows where he might be. Doug (as always) is kept hostage as the chase begins to track Chow down.

The movie ends and predictably as it begins. Not one antic is funny, the monkey and the baby – both of whom were very entertaining - are amiss and as I have said already – there is no alcohol. Sadly. (Insert dry sarcastic comment). Vegas is back for a stint and as is hot escort Jade (Heather Graham) but matters are just like beer left out in Nevada air for too long.

You know how it is when you no longer feel like drinking but still have that one shot left in the glass and it stares at you sadly. Hangover III is just that – bottoms up we say and let’s go watch some other flick this weekend.

Jhinuk Sen

Jhinuk Sen

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