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Botswana, our pride your destination

 H.E. Lesego |  2015-05-24 02:44:19.0  |  New Delhi

Botswana, our pride your destination

Botswana, a country of 2 million people and a middle income society,is found at the centre of Southern Africa, bordered by <g data-gr-id="53">Namibiato</g> the west, South <g data-gr-id="54">Africato</g> the south, Zambia to the north and Zimbabwe on the northeast. It is a country where people go to to see its pristine tourist attractions. 
Tourism in Botswana presents an array of options, whether you love safaris, mokoro (canoe) rides, elephant riding, quad biking, fishing, 4x4 off-road adventures you are sure to make the best of your stay in Botswana. The main tourist attractions to Botswana are its safari expeditions. Botswana houses all the Africa's big five animals: the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard, Africa's greatest wild animals. Visit Botswana for a chance to see stunning <g data-gr-id="57">wild life</g> in their natural habitat, get captivated by enchanting rock paintings, experience the cultural diversity, visit monuments and heritage sights. 

Each region of the country has its own unique rich biodiversity. Botswana promotes eco-tourism and conservation and <g data-gr-id="45">encouragesresponsibility</g> towards sustainable tourism.Visit Botswana for a chance to experience the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 2014, the Okavango Delta, one of Africa’s Seven Wonders of the world and a unique eco-system known to man. The Tsodilo Hills, also UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 2001, consists of rock art, rock shelters, depressions, and caves. It gained its listing because of its unique religious and spiritual significance to local peoples, as well as its unique record of human settlement over many years. Tsodilo Hills are also of great cultural and spiritual significance. These Sites provide a haven for wildlife photographers. 

Accommodation options in Botswana are unlimited, from your luxurious <g data-gr-id="55">5 star</g> hotels, safari camps to guesthouses. <g data-gr-id="52">Cuisine</g> is unlimited too, whether you want to try traditional recipes or international cuisine or Indian cuisine, the choice is yours.For a great peace of mind, visit Botswana, you would never want to leave. 

Botswana is a year round safari destination.  Visit Botswana anytime of the year and you are guaranteed of a magnificent time. For your love of bird watching, visit Botswana in the summer, October to March, when migrant birds begin to arrive and the number of bird species is at its highest. The summer months also present a unique opportunity to witness birthing of some animals such as antelopes. An experience never to forget!

Shopping lovers are never to be forgotten, In Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana, one will find plenty of variety among Gaborone’s modern shopping malls and other <g data-gr-id="50">outlets,ranging</g> from African curios, designer clothes to groceries. Gaborone or Gabs, as the locals affectionately refer to it, provides a central point to visiting rural Africa, or wildlife areas, within minutes, having the best of both worlds. 

From India to Botswana there are no direct flights, one has to connect through Johannesburg, South Africa or through Nairobi, Kenya. One can fly directly from Johannesburg to Maun or Kasane, the main safari destinations. Visas have to be applied for through the Botswana High Commission in Delhi, India before travel. 

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