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The chapters in this tale of murder, treachery, treason, and money have slowly summed up to perhaps an already written narrative for the next best thriller to be produced by Bollywood. A number of characters have been identified in the past to try and solve this mystery thriller, which still needs some time for the final chapter to be written. Some key characters though within this plot are of course Sheena Bora’s mother (the fake sister), Indrani Mukherjea, stepfather Peter Mukherjea, top cop Rakesh Maria amongst many others, However, with time, the man identified as the key pilot, who may just be the one landing this aircraft in turmoil is none other than Peter Mukherjee’s son, Rahul Mukherjea. It was on November 19 that the Sheena Bora murder case found itself in the limelight once again when her father, Peter Mukherjea was finally arrested by the CBI after a two-month long investigation. While speaking to authorities at the CBI, it was discovered that Peter Mukherjea was arrested on the grounds that his recent statements did not match the one’s he had previously made during official interrogations. To make matters worse, his statements stood in contradiction to that of his wife and prime suspect, Indrani Mukherjea. However, what gave things away were apparently Indrani Mukherjea’s recent statements, where she implicitly dropped hints about the possible involvement of her husband, Peter Mukherjea. 

Rahul Mukherjea, Sheena’s boyfriend and Peter Mukherjea’s son from an earlier marriage, has become a key source of information. He has been a useful tool to gather information regarding the inside workings of the family, according to a key source in the CBI. According to investigators, it is said that this whole process leading up to the murder began when Sheena demanded the purchase of a flat in a posh Mumbai locality from her mother. When Indrani refrained refused, Sheena apparently blackmailed Indrani stating that if she does not fulfil her demands, she would have to tell her stepfather Peter Mukherjea that she was not actually Indrani’s sister but her daughter, a fact apparently hidden from the TV tycoon.  Peter Mukherjea was arrested last Thursday on the accusation of active conspiracy in Sheena’s murder, may be released tomorrow. However, the others accused, Sanjeev Khanna who is Indrani’s ex-husband, and ex-driver Shyamvar Rai have been detained under judicial custody and till at least December 3. As the plot thickens, it is now only a wait and watch situation before the final case is presented in court by the CBI.
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