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Books will never be shelved: Big B

 PTI |  2015-07-11 22:14:21.0  |  Mumbai

Books will never be shelved: Big B

“Books...they shall never be shelved away...they shall remain...there is a magical quality about them… yes I could keep them 'kindled' but somehow the charm of holding the pages of a freshly printed book, the writing of our name for its possession, the almost divine manner in which they are kept not too far away from us...ah...such a remarkable habit...such attachment and such wealth...with us,” Big B posted on his official blog. 

The 72-year-old went on to add that books are not only valuable <g data-gr-id="24">assets,</g> but hold the key of their owner's personality. 

“A home without the exhibition of valuable books seems so bare and ignorant...they convey the character of those that abide in the home…their nature, habits, conversation, likes and dislikes.. all….If music, as I said yesterday, be the soul of our being, books, are the educators of our soul,” he shared. 

The ‘Paa’ star also dispelled the misconception that he is an avid reader. 

“There is <g data-gr-id="29">belief</g> among many that I read a lot…nonsense...I do not...I merely respect those that do and live in their reflected glory...that too is a limitless attribute...so long as knowledge keeps swimming about you in waves, soft and gentle...life is calm and ethereal,” he posted. 

On the professional front, the cine icon is gearing up for Wazir this year. 



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