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Books, curves and economies

Books, curves and economies
Author Mansoor Khan's book The Third Curve - The End of Growth saw a star studded release in the Capital with Aamir Khan gracing the launch on Friday. The event was also attended by academic luminaries as well as business personalities across various industries.

This book Third Curve is based on the economic growth which is limited by nature.  It  highlights the paradigm of modern economics and the financial growth in the market that is currently in a state of breakdown. 'Basically the world is on the path that follows the total acceptance of an infinite economic growth model which is not possible. And our total denial of the finiteness of the earth which is evident,' said the author. 

'Mansoor has tackled some very complex concepts without compromising on their importance. While this is a book that will certainly generate much debate on both sides, I am certain that those who read it will thoroughly enjoy it. I wish him all success and hope he continues his study into this field, which is greatly in need of more scholarly work such as this,' said Jairam Ramesh, Union Rural Development Minister. 

'Khan lucidly presents the counterpoint to the ideas of perpetual growth: a keen penetrative look at the state of our natural resources and the laws of energy that govern our hopes and plans for the future,' said Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for HRD. 

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