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Books, Books Everywhere

Go to any book store in any street in India and you will find a myriad of books authored by people you have never heard about. From love stories to travelogues to personal histories the markets are brimming with new age writers. No more are these men and women who carry a cotton jhola with heavy glasses who have devoted their entire life to writing. They are not the ones with ink smudges on their palms and sometime faces who can be seen sitting in a quiet corner in  a coffee shop bent over a piece of paper writing away their lives. These are young dynamic professionals; journalists and businessmen, IITians and doctors who may have started writing as a hobby and ended up writing books they deemed good enough for publication.

Since a lot of readers today are gravitating towards stories that talk about the life of today, the stories of internet love, of finding spirituality on a train journey, the new age definition of family that is defined less by blood and more by relationships and basically anything relatable, these new writers have found small but devoted fans too. These writers write about their experiences that everyone else can relate to. They don’t have to be a Dostoyevsky or an Orwell to sell ideas. And some of these writer are pretty excellent in what they do.

From taking a book along for a train journey to becoming a full fledged reader, these new stream of writers have taken non-readers by the hand and taken them to a place where they can debate and discuss about books with peers and of course, when (and if) movies are made on these books, these readers become the devoted audience.

Publishing books have also become easier than it used to be. There are a range of publishers one
can choose from. Publishing houses are more open to new unconventional writers than they used to be. Then there are options to self publish a book. Many authors are getting their first book published by self financing the publication cost. There are also websites like who allow you to publish an ebook on kindle by your own accord. One can simply upload it to Amazon’s publishing engine, set a price and it would be made available on the site for instant purchase and download. So if you have a book dwelling deep inside of you, this is the time to bring it out!
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